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Design Descriptions

From painted caves to carved rock, recorders of human history used symbols to portray important aspects of culture and society. Certain animals, plants and places of awe-inspiring beauty became symbols that were believed to personify the energy of the universe and our connection to it.

The “Spirits of the Land” collection is based on symbols of cultural significance that have influenced the philosophy, traditions and customs for the people from where they came.  Each design links to a brief description of it's symbolic history. To view the whole collection, please see the Gallery.


  • Shinto - The Indigenous Belief of Japann

  • Sho Chiku Bai (Pine Bamboo Plum)

  • Tsuru and Kame (Crane and Tortoise)

  • Koi (Carp)

  • Maneki Neko (Good Fortune Cat)

  • Celestial Guardians - Dragon, Phoenix, White Tiger and Turtle

  • I Ching - Simplicity, Transformation and Persistance

  • Yin/Yang - Universal Energy

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